To protect its clients’ privacy, a sports betting takes data protection very seriously.

This privacy policy describes the information we collect and how it is used in connection with our sports betting websites, services, mobile applications, goods, and content. Data collection, usage, transfer, and destruction processes are all spelled clearly. It also specifies your rights under the law and explains how we handle any information that could be linked to you (“personal data”).

This Policy does not limit, waive, or otherwise substitute any other agreement you may have with us or any rights you may have under applicable data protection laws. When it comes to protecting your privacy, we make it a priority to go above and beyond what is required. Also, I hope to “earn” your trust.

The question is, “Who is responsible for keeping your data secure?”

When it comes to sports betting, you can rest assured that your private information will be safe (your Data Controller). The term “data controller” refers to the entity that determines the means and purposes for processing personal data.

Your data may be stored in databases that others can access, despite our best efforts to keep it secure. Companies that have access to your information will handle it following this Policy’s standards.

Safekeeping of sensitive data

Your use of the website constitutes implied permission for the collection and processing of personal data for sport betting purposes.

The following details are also presumed to have your approval:

Managing sensitive information?

Sports betting is a data-intensive activity. The gathering, processing, sharing, transmitting, storing, and erasing of data all fall under this category. The General Data Protection Regulation establishes rules for this sort of data processing .

To that aim, it’s important to only keep data for as long as is required, to use individual information for specific, explicit purposes, to gather only the data that is essential to run a service like a website, and so on. In this case, sports betting is the data controller, so tread carefully.

What kind of personal data is being collected?

We call “personal data” or “information” anything that can be used to identify a specific person. No Identifiable Information Has Been Revealed Here (anonymous data).

Here are the categories of personal data we might collect, use, store, and share about you:

Identifying data includes a person’s first and last name, username or another unique identifier, marital and work status, date of birth, gender, and sexual orientation.

Both a phone number and email address are given for easy contact.

Some examples of technical information include your computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, login credentials, browser and operating system details, time zone setting and location, browser add-ons and other software details, and platform and platform-specific information.

Profile data includes things like your username and password (if applicable), as well as your settings and preferences, feedback, and survey responses.

Information about your usage of our website is saved in several different file formats (also known as “Usage Data”).

The marketing and communications information includes your preferred contact method and the kind of marketing materials you want to receive from us and our third-party partners.

In what ways do we put your private data to use?

Sports betting will freely collect information from you when you use our services or visit our websites. With the data you’ve provided, we can do the following:

Promotional emails should be sent out to the masses. Data stored in our computer systems and databases should be analyzed to tailor our products and services to the preferences of individual customers.

Effectiveness and pertinence of the ads we show you.

We’ll add you to any existing forums or groups so that you may share your thoughts with the community.

Action is taken or rights exercised following our legal responsibilities and entitlements.

When we have a good faith conviction, as indicated in Section 3, we will only use or disclose your personal information in the circumstances described.

You have permitted us to use your information in this way in the past, or

We will never share your information with third parties without your consent and will only use your data for internal purposes (such as enhancing our products or conducting analytics across our datasets).

Which of the following third parties may we share your information with?

There are a great many additional companies that we rely on for the smooth running of our operations and the delivery of our products and services.

Some of these third parties may need access to your information from time to time:

How much do your guarantees amount to?

Withdrawing your consent to our processing of any of your personal information is possible at any time and in any of the aforementioned methods. The validity of the previous processing, however, will remain unaltered.

If you want to know for certain that we are not collecting or utilizing your data in any way related to sports wagering, you can ask us for this specific detail (including the purposes of the processing, the recipients to whom the personal data have been or will be disclosed, and the period for which the personal data will be stored).

To improve your experience, we use cookies.

To better serve you, we use a technology called “cookies” to keep track of your preferences and previous actions when you browse.

Please elaborate on what exactly cookies are.

A cookie, pixel, or similar piece of technology gets downloaded to your computer or another device every time you visit a website. You won’t have to re-enter your preferences with each new visit or page load (including login, language, font size, and other display characteristics).

So, tell me, exactly what are cookies?  

Cookies, pixel tags, and other tracking technologies are automatically downloaded to your computer or mobile device whenever you visit a website. You won’t have to continually re-enter your preferences (for things like login, language, font size, and display settings) because the website will remember them for you in a cookie.

This decision is entirely up to you.

By continuing to browse our site, you agree that we can place cookies on your device.

Even without cookies enabled, much of our site should still be accessible, though you may experience some difficulties with page loading and other features.

If you do not want your browser to save cookies to your computer, you can turn this feature off in the browser’s settings. Additionally, you can always clear cookies from your browser’s cache if you want.